We offer top-notch products that range from the essential to the nice-to-have. And we do it with a passion for service.

At Meyer and Associates our mission is simple—insure your members with premium products at competitive prices, and keep them insured with outstanding service before and after they purchase insurance.

The M&A Difference

  • We’re well-established. We’ve covered alumni for 50 years. Founded in 1973, our job back then was the same as it is today—to provide quality products from top-rated carriers—all with exceptional customer service.
  • We’re innovative. We offer products for alumni, even those living abroad, for all life-stages. We even cover their four-footed family members.
  • We’re savvy marketers. We’ve refined the art of marketing to alumni. Tell us how you’d like us to communicate—direct mail, e-mail, Facebook, webinars—and how often, and we’ll provide the tools.
  • We’re inclusive. Programs serve alumni, students, faculty, and staff—and most of their family members, including spouses, partners, and children. The more the merrier!
  • We’re passionate about service. We treat your constituents the way you would.

It would be a privilege to add you to our growing list of clients.

Why offer an Insurance Program?

An alumni insurance program provides the perfect opportunity to communicate periodically with an offer rather than an “ask.” Offering insurance with features and discounts your alumni can’t obtain on every corner is a great way to build goodwill, and even reach those most difficult to engage.

Financial Opportunity

There is no doubt that an insurance program is an attractive member benefit. It also produces revenue, which over time, can be significant enough to fund other initiatives.

Different products provide for various income streams to the sponsoring organization. Naturally, income varies depending on your size, the products you choose to offer, and the marketing you employ. Financial benefits can increase considerably over time as participation grows. There is no cost to you.

Marketing Member Benefits

At M&A, we’ve refined the art of affinity marketing. We put our time-tested and innovative marketing strategies to work for our clients every day with customized print and online marketing materials.

We provide marketing recommendations to you, and together we develop a marketing plan to elicit a strong member response. We typically suggest a variety of tools, including:

  • Direct mail
  • E-mail
  • Internet and social media
  • Articles and announcements
  • Inserts, fliers, and posters
  • On-site promotion
  • Integrated publicity

While all communications to members come from you, they are written and carefully scheduled by us, but always with your approval and with adaptations that reflect the tone of your overall member marketing.

Contact us today to learn more. Your Alumni Insurance Program can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Our Products

Insurance for Everyone

When you combine products from top-notch carriers with unparalleled customer service, you’ve got a winning offer.

We offer insurance for people at all life stages. Our products are underwritten by top-notch carriers and have been carefully selected to provide the optimal combination of value and price. Some provide for group discounts not available on the open market. Our products and services include:

Life Insurance

  • 10- and 20-year term
  • Annually renewable term
  • Term to age 95
  • Term for minor children
  • Accidental death

Health Insurance

  • Supplemental health
  • Long term care
  • Long term disability
  • Medicare health exchange

Travel Insurance

  • Travel medical
  • Trip protection
  • Global medical transport

Property and Casualty Insurance

  • Auto and Motorcycle
  • Home and Renters
  • Boat and RV

Other Insurance and Benefits

  • Annuities
  • Real estate benefits
  • Mortgages
  • Student loan refinancing
  • Special events
  • Pets
  • Small business employee benefits
  • Identity theft protection

And, more coverage is available for life’s complications or unique situations—our advisors are here to help.

Client and Member Services

We’re here for our clients

With decades of experience, we have lots to share. From tailoring an appropriate product portfolio to customizing your marketing materials, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll help you avoid schedule conflicts with multiple offers, facilitate member data collection, and of course, we’re always there should a member come directly to you with questions.

We’re here for your members

At M&A, customer service isn’t just important—it’s what we’re all about. We are grateful for our customers and we treat them accordingly.

Our in-house call center serves as a single point of contact for your members’ insurance needs. Our customer service staff works exclusively with members, and taking excellent care of each one is our top priority. Call us during business hours and you’ll get a real, live person. It is just one of the many things we do to provide an outstanding member experience. And, when your members contact the companies with whom we partner, they will enjoy the same first-class service.

For those preferring to communicate online, most of our carriers make it easy to apply, access and manage accounts, and even check the status of claims online so members never have to pick up the phone.


If you need a quote or an application or simply have questions, call 800-635-7801, or email info@meyerandassoc.com. Trained customer service representatives will be happy to provide the information you need. And naturally you’ll be under no obligation.

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